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It is an addition to

We started because we wanted to find a secure place online to share the many reports we produce and to make these accessible to our readers from one central portal.

This will avoid having to go through an opt-in form and fill in your name and email address every time you want to access or download a special report that you are interested in.

At we are dedicated to help people learn more about natural and simple ways to get healthy and fit. We decided to produce more reports, ebooks and courses, because these allow us to explain things in more detail.

If we want to explain why everyone — from weak to fit people — will gain massive progress with the GTG Training Methodology, without making them overly tired or exposing them to extreme fitness injures, an article would not be enough, and a report or ebook would be a better fit.

Then there are also many topics where there is a need for more “accurate” information. For example in our report “Diet Plans Exposed — What Everyone Should Know About Fad Diets”, we expose something most people don’t know. That is that the food industries that make some of the worst junk foods that causes our weight gain and obesity epidemic, also own some of the most popular diet companies…

So, they spend millions marketing to you and your family to eat the yummy, unhealthy foods. Then they are marketing to you — and giving you hope — that you can lose the weight they helped you gain, by selling their weight loss programs…

Did you see Dr. Max Gomez CBS News investigative report on the dangers of yo-yo or chronic dieting?

The results were scary!

Aside from the fact it slows down your metabolism causing even MORE weight gain, it can actually cause coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death in post-menopausal women!

It is clear that chronic dieting wreaks havoc on your body and therefore a long-term sustainable solution needs to be offered to people in order to help them safely lose weight and keep it off.

Transformation and Change Starts With Information and Understanding 

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If you want to improve your lifestyle to a more healthy and natural lifestyle there are many topics that need more “detailed” explanation, and more “practical” guidance.

If we need to explain a method you can eat that helps you lose fat fast, but does so in a way that is a tasty approach to dieting, one that doesn’t lead to extreme hunger or binge eating, and one that is sustainable and healthy, we will need more than an article, magazine or a small report. 

We’ll need a number of elements that build upon each other, so that you not only “get it”, but also know where to start and what to do when you feel you are ready and decide to give it a try.

When you start to improve your lifestyle towards a more healthy or natural lifestyle, it just isn’t enough to focus on one topic.

For example if you need to lose belly fat and want six-pack abs, what we typically see is that people think they can come away with fitness alone, and continue to eat the foods they eat before.

Unfortunately, that’s setting yourself up for failure. You absolutely can’t out-exercise a bad diet! 

The same goes for people who think they will get healthy and fit by just changing their diet. While getting healthy and losing body fat is certainly attainable only by changing your diet, changing your diet alone is not enough to build your fitness, stamina, and a sculpted toned body.

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There is so much valuable information to share on health and fitness and creating a more healthy lifestyle in a more natural way, that we are sure that whatever membership at you decide to subscribe to, you will be more than pleased, and looking forward to every new release.

Remember that transformation and change starts with information and understanding. The more you will read about how to create a more healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, the more you will start to adapt, change and make better choices for your health, your fitness, your wellbeing and your happiness in life.

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That way you can see what we are about and if we can deliver real value to you.

We’re sure some of our reports will surprise you when you learn how much our governments and the food industry are lying to us, and  how much our medical institutions are unaware of alternative medical treatments, that have less side effects and are often better treatments than invasive surgery or unhealthy medication.

Even if we will blow the lid of some cover-ups like the sugar industry claiming weigh gain on fat instead, we will focus more on bringing you information that you can work with.

It’s all okay to blame what went wrong, but it’s more important to focus on what you can do today and tomorrow to get to the healthy lifestyle you desire.

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